The safety of your belongings is a top priority

Store With Peace of Mind

Trust your property with Security Self Storage

At Security Self Storage, part of the exceptional service we provide is the peace of mind that your belongings are safe with us. We understand that security isn’t just a priority to self storage customers—it’s a basic assumption that the self storage facility MUST be secure. 

We take security seriously. Our security cameras are top-notch and EVERYWHERE

Digital surveillance covers all aspects of the facility. Our wrought iron fences with barbed wire and razor wire are much more secure than simple chain link fences. 

Our intelligent access system provides each customer with a unique access code.

Our Self Storage Facility

We have a storage solution for everyone!

Our Security Features

We take the safety of both our customers and their property extremely seriously. See how we make sure to keep you and your belongings safe.

  • 24/7 video recording of the entire property via security cameras
  • Wrought iron fences for superior protection over flimsy chain link fences
  • Additional security via barbed wire and razor wire atop our security fencing
  • Intelligent access system via unique access codes